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How to Get Rid Of Your Glasses?

How many times have you wished to get rid of those clunky glasses off your eyes for good? Feel a bit conscious about your looks in public due to your bifocals? Wish to do away once and for all with the tedious task of putting and removing contact lenses every day?

 You might be aware about the solution already i.e. in the form of spectacle removal surgeryavailable as readily as a bag of Cheetos at your nearby grocery store! My question to you is if you already know about this kind of Laser surgery for removing glasses and improving vision- then why HAVEN’T YOU DONE IT BY NOW!

Nonetheless, if you still wish to stir up your lazy bones and actually get your eyes free of glasses and lenses, the following information about Lasik Laser Eye surgery might come in handy.
Lasik Eye surgery in simple words is Laser-assisted In situ Keratomileusis used to treat nearsightedness [myopia], farsightedness [hyperopia] and astigmatism. In this method of corrective eye surgery, a laser beam is used to correct the anomaly on the cornea and lens of a person’s eye.

How LASIK surgery is performed?

  • It begins with the surgeon numbing your eye with the help of anesthetic eye drops.
  • A microkeratome is then used to cut a thin corneal flap which is later pulled back to reveal the corneal tissue.
  • Later, with the aid of an excime laser, the shape of cornea is adjusted and the corneal flap is returned to its original position.
  • This whole procedure takes about approximately 15minutes on each eye after which the patient is required to wear an eye patch for 8-10 hour atleast.

Benefits of LASIK eye surgery
  • Immediate removal of glasses, bifocals awarding you perfect 20/20 vision
  • Riddance from itchy contact lenses for good!
  • An easy hassle free life with a clear vision and enhanced self worth!
There is a thin margin for complications too in the LASIK laser eye surgery if not done by experienced professionals. Sharp Sight group of Eye hospitals is one such corrective eye surgery entity that boasts of skilled professionals and excellent treatment facilities in Delhi India.
Besides the eye surgery, there are certain other things which when taken into consideration can bring about a lot of change in improving your eyesight naturally as well.

  • Quit smoking- Nicotine besides affecting our lungs also has an adverse effect on our optic nerves.
  • Good sleep- Getting 8 hours of sleep is the key to solving every health related issue
  • Proper lighting while working- Always make sure your eyes are getting good lighting while working or reading as dim lighting degenerates eye vision.
  • Decrease computer usage-. Our eyes need rest after sitting hours in front of computers in office.

The crux of the matter is this- it is very simple to get rid of your glasses. To do it right well is another story. That is why you need experts like Sharp Sight Centre who provide customized Spectacle Removal Lasik Laser Eye Surgery.

Written by: Rinkel Kapoor

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