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Why are regular eye exams important?

Unless one experiences blurry vision, people very rarely visit their eye doctor for regular eye checkups. As a matter of fact, even parents with children don’t go for regular eye exams of their kids even though it’s a well established fact that one out every four children has eye problem. It is quite necessary to go for periodic optometric examinations so as to prevent any health issues that might affect them.

Regular eye exams play a pivotal role in curing a disease as they can help detect a problem in its early stages and get it the necessary treatment. It is thus recommended to go in for regular eye check up in every 2 years to remain free of various eye diseases.

It has often been cited that people delay going for eye problems until they experience difficulty in reading or seeing either while studying or working. This is one of the foremost reasons that many people suffer from serious eye disorders like Glaucoma, Cataract, diabetic retinopathy etc in later stages of their lives. An early detection can save your eye vision from deteriorating and cure the root cause of the problem at its beginning stages only.

Given here are topmost reasons as to why getting regular eye exams are important?
  • Regular eye examination guarantees near perfect vision as early diagnosis leads to swift treatment of any eye problem. Your ophthalmologist can give you good advice about how to improve your eye health.

  • Normally people don’t associate their eyes condition with various other health related issues they might be having. But in reality eye health correlates with several body issues like high cholesterol, blood pressure, tumors, diabetes etc. With periodic eye checkups you can be advised to follow a healthy vitamin rich diet necessary to keep your eyes functioning properly.

  • It helps to identify various such eye conditions like open glaucoma which takes several years to be recognized but permanently damages your eye vision.

  • With the development of technology, a bevy of diseases too have entered our lives these days. A new eye condition known as computer vision syndrome is caused due to over exposure of eyes to computers, laptops and mobiles. A patient suffering from this syndrome usually experiences severe headaches, blurred vision, tired and dry eyes. Many people don’t believe it to be a problem worth going to the doctor but your eye specialist will firmly disagree.

  • Young children of 12 or below that require regular eye checkups so as to identify any disorders like dyslexia or attention defective disorder that might be affecting their vision.

Regular eye exams should be an important part of your health regime. A good ophthalmologist can certainly change the way you look at the world, literally! Sharp Sight Centres in Delhi and Srinagar, India provide complete eye health care packages including regular eye examinations. Give them a try!

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