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A Closer Look At Diabetic Eye Disease

Diabetic eye disease is a term coined to describe a condition or a disease that affects the small blood vessels of the retina of the eyes in people suffering from diabetes. Many of you might be wondering how a disease related with blood and digestion can be interlinked with our eyes? We will explain you the whole process in which diabetes develops in a body all in due time. First let us discuss some more about the shortcomings and disadvantages of having a disease like diabetes on your eyes.

Diabetes in the past has been known to become a cause for partial or permanent blindness. As a matter of fact in certain conditions the damage done to the eyesight is irreversible if treatment is prolonged for a period of time. Eye diseases like cataract, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy are known associates of diabetes and in the case of the latter two can render you permanently blind in lack of proper treatment and medical attention.

The condition in which diabetes affects the blood vessels of our eyes adversely is known as diabetic mellitus. There are numerous cases of irreversible blindness in the world and almost all of them are entwined with this disease or condition.

Diabetes mellitus develops in people who have been suffering from diabetes since past many years now.

Coming back to the question how does diabetes develop in our body and causes serious damage to our eyes?

Upon digestion, the glucose in our food is broken into cells for energy with the help of body's hormonal insulin. When a person is suffering from diabetes, the insulin is not produced in his body and resultantly glucose remains unbroken which causes high levels of sugar in the blood stream of a person. This ultimately causes a string of problems like blurred vision or permanent loss of vision.

The lens of the eye is an important part as it helps us to focus on objects by displaying images at the back of our eye. When this lens gets opaque, the image becomes blurred. This condition is called cataract. People with diabetes are more prone to suffer from cataract even if they don’t have any serious eye ailments.

Blood Vessels
It is very essential for the fluids in the eye to drain naturally because any blockage in the eyes builds pressure inside thus damaging the blood vessels. It is called glaucoma. It is normally associated with diabetes and increases the chances for complete loss of vision.

It is the major part of the eye which is affected by diabetic mellitus. This light sensitive tissue at the back of the eye plays a serious role in making us see clearly. When it gets wrinkled or swollen, the image becomes blurry. Most common problem to affect retina with diabetes is diabetic retinopathy that causes blood vessels to clot in the retina.

To prevent your eyes from these diseases, it is better to control your diabetes. At sharp sight centre we provide excellent treatments for all diabetic related eye diseases. Learn more here!


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