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Cataracts and Eye Care by Sharp Sight Centre

When you hear the name cataract, three things automatically come to your mind-eyes, ageing and blurred vision. It is a known fact that with old age your eyesight starts becoming blurry. For some people this anomaly can be corrected with the help of prescription glasses, while for others replacement of the natural lens of their eye is needed in the form of cataract laser surgery.

Cataract is a condition in which the lens of the eye becomes opaque or gets clouded over. Lens plays an important role in focusing on objects both near and distance. Due to the clouding of the lens of the eye the image on the retina also becomes blurry.

Cataract is an extremely common condition that can occur in one or both the eyes. It is easily curable with a surgery involving 3-6 minutes at best. This condition is treated by inserting intraocular lens or IOLs in the eye.

However, may quick and easy the cataract surgery might be, you need the expertise of good cataract surgeons. Luckily, you don’t have to venture far out in their search. Sharp Sight Center in Delhi, India provides the best cataract laser eye surgery for this region.

The Sharp Sight group of eye hospitals which have 4 centres in 4 major parts of the Delhi/NCR region and 1 centre in Srinagar in Kashmir has been providing eye health care to its patients since past 13 years now.

Armed with a team of world renowned ophthalmologists and well trained staff and dynamic management team, the centre has been able to hold onto its popularity despite new entrants in the field of eye healthcare.

Intraocular lens which is used to replace the lens of the eye in the cataract surgery comes in various types and for various purposes. Sharp Sight Centre which is equipped with all the latest advanced technologies provides specialized surgery for each of these different IOLs. Let’s have a look

  • The centre replaced the use of traditional IOLs which caused aberrations in the eye degrading the vision with zero aberration or aberration free IOLS, the first ones to do so in India.
  • S-MICS IOL s which makes a micro incision of 1.6mm-1.8mm as compared to earlier incision of 3mm uses the machine called STELLARIS, first time installed in Asia by Sharp Sight Centre. In fact Sharp Sight Centre's S-MICS cataract surgery is 100% safe, with improved vision guaranteed!
  • They also provide Toric IOLs for treating astigmatism which also helps in reducing the pre operative cylindrical power in cataract patients giving them clear vision and quite reduced dependency on glasses.
  • The centre has been regularly involved in implanting multifocal lens with high success rate.
  • Crystalens which grants you the flexibility of lens that diminishes in old age was introduced in India by Sharp Sight Centre.

The eye hospital guarantees painless cataract surgical procedures which won’t hamper your daily routine in any manner. Contact now to know more about our customized range of affordable cataract  eye surgery packages!

Visit  our official website here: Sharp Sight Centre, Group Of Eye Hospitals

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