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Want to remove spectacles? Sharp Sight Centre is the best solution

For all those people wearing spectacles, how many times have you wished for a way to get rid of them? While getting ready for a hip party in a swanky nightclub or in a swimming pool, how many of you have felt uncomfortable about being without your glasses but having no plausible solution in mind?

This is the time for you to consider getting your eyes fixed by opting for spectacle removal surgery. This type of surgery is quite famous around the world which easily corrects your vision by making use of laser technology. And the pioneers in this field are none other than Sharp Sight Centre located in Delhi and Srinagar, India.

Spread over 4 centres across Delhi and one new centre in the valley of Srinagar in India, Sharp Sight Group Of Eye Hospitals since 13 years have maintained a coveted spot in the field of laser eye surgery especially vision correction. As a matter of fact, the latest advancement in this field known by the name of LASIK laser eye surgery is its specialization zone with many experienced and acclaimed ophthalmologists associated with the centre.

A firm knowledge of the subject, amicable environment, well trained staff and state of the art infrastructure are the major high points behind the popularity of Sharp Sight Centre. As of 2012, the centres have performed over 900 successful eye surgeries with patients ranging from all over the country. Sharp Sight Centres have also gained popularity amongst its foreign clients with thousands of international patients enlisting our services every year.

Why Sharp Sight Centre for spectacle removal surgery?

  • high quality of service
  • well trained English speaking staff
  • experienced group of surgeons, medical practitioners, management team
  • affordable LASIK laser eye surgery packages
  • use of the latest technology in the market with precision and high rate of success

Achievements of Sharp Sight Group of Eye Hospitals over the years

  • One of the First Few to start Topical Phaco (Injectionless Painless Cataract Surgery with Phaco) in the Country in 1997.
  • Started Multifocal IOL Implants (One the first Few in the Country) in 1999 with live surgery on national TV.
  • Acquires Bausch & Lomb Lasik Laser ZYOPTIX in 2003.
  • Dr. Samir Sud appointed as trainer for Lasik Surgeons in the Country in 2004.
  • One the first to implant ASPHERIC Zero aberration IOL in the country in 2005.
  • Sharp Sight acquires STELLARIS Cataract Removal System (first in ASIA) and INTRODUCES MICS (Micro incision cataract surgery) in India in 2007.
  • Awarded the Certificate For CENTER FOR EXCELLENCE in CATARACT SURGERY By Bausch & Lomb University 2007.
  • Sharp Sight acquires SOLID state Lasik Laser the First in Northern India and Delhi 2008.
  • Starts SEWA program senior Citizens EYE care programme in Patronization of ex CM of Delhi Sheila dixit in 2009.
  • Launches Crystalens (Worlds Most Premium IOL) in north India one of the First in country (only surgeons to be accredited BY Bausch & Lomb) 2009.

Learn more about Sharp Sight Centre and its various accomplishments here: www.sharpsight.in

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