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Top 4 Myths Busted About Glaucoma

#1 Glaucoma is caused due to high eye pressure
This is a common misconception. High eye pressure definitely poses risk for glaucoma but is not necessarily present when glaucoma develops. Many people diagnosed with glaucoma have normal eye pressure and conversely some have a high eye pressure but never develop glaucoma.

#2 Glaucoma makes you blind
This is untrue because if diagnosed on time, glaucoma can surely be controlled with the help of latest and effective treatment which comprises of eye drops, medicines and surgery or a combination of all three. 

#3 It's easy to self diagnose glaucoma because it affects vision 
Glaucoma in initial stages may not show any signs or symptoms. Therefore, to prevent vision loss from glaucoma it's important that it's detected on time. So, if you are above 40 years, have a history of glaucoma in your family, or even if you face any vision related problem, it's important you get your eyes examined immediately. Because vision loss caused due to glaucoma, cannot be reversed. 

#4 Glaucoma is curable 
Glaucoma can be controlled by the latest treatments available but it can't be cured. It is a chronic condition that requires life long treatment and strict monitoring. As mentioned above, any loss of vision due to glaucoma is irreversible. The aim of the treatment is to arrest or control any further damage to your eyes. 

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