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How To Protect Your Eyes During Monsoon

With the scorching and blazing heat we all desperately wait for the onset of monsoon. Though rains may bring us respite from the summer sun, we can't overlook the army of infections it brings along. And, our eyes are most affected part of our body- reason being various bacteria and virus thrive with increased moisture in the air.

So, let’s take a look at a few common eye infections that spread with the onset of monsoon season and, also, how to keep these ailments at bay: 

Conjunctivitis: This is by far the most common viral infection and it causes inflammation of the conjunctiva of the eye. It causes swelling, redness and watery eyes that often causes pain. 


Therefore, it is advisable to visit your doctor and get your eyes examined rather than venturing into any over-the-counter eye-drops. 

Eye Stye: This is another common bacterial infection of eye. During this condition, the oil glands in our eyelids get swollen due to presence of harmful bacteria, which leads to pus formation and causes pain and discomfort in the eyes. It is advisable to visit your ophthalmologist and have the prescribed medicines. And, as a precaution do not touch or prick the bump. 

Eye Stye

Dry Eyes: The condition causes discomfort, itchiness, burning sensation and pain in the eyes. Dryness of eye is again a common problem and is often aggravated due to excessive use of computers, air-conditioned indoors, etc. If the treatment is delayed a person may even experience blurred vision. So, if you experience any such symptoms, visit your eye doctor immediately. 

Dry Eyes

Sharp Sight (Group of Eye Hospitals) recommends these simple yet effective eye care tips to be followed during monsoon:

1.     During monsoon and also otherwise splash your eyes with cold water as often as you can.

2.     Avoid sharing towels, clothes and cosmetics as they are potential carriers of infections.

3.     Sanitize your hands several times a day.

4.     If possible ditch your contact lens during humid and wet weather.

5.     Protect your eyes with shades every time you step out. These will provide a protective shield against pollen and allergens that increase during the rains.

6.     Avoid going for swimming classes. You may get an eye infection more readily from pools during monsoon as water contains viruses and bacteria.

7.     Most importantly, eat healthy and nutritious diet and have plenty of water daily to keep yourself hydrated. 

Follow these simple monsoon tips for eye care and keep your eyes healthy. Call : 011-30051818 or Visit: https://goo.gl/Grdbdi

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