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How To Know Your Infant Needs A Child Eye Specialist?

Every parent wants their child to have a happy and healthy childhood. This very much includes taking care of their eye sight! But, as a parent of an infant, how would you know your child needs an eye doctor? WikHow suggests that children should have their first eye doctor visit and full eye exam by the time they are six months old. And, it's best to get them examined through a child eye specialist only. 

Basically, it's important to diagnose your child's eyes to ensure there are no vision problems, especially the ones that could make things worse later. Also, this approach helps to know and understand if your infant is struggling with any eye problem as he/she would certainly fail to communicate at that early age.

 But being a parent, it's advisable you take your little one to child eye specialist, especially if you notice any of these below mentioned signs and symptoms:

  • Eyes that do not align properly
  • Rubbing eyes often 
  • Any problem with the eyelids 
  • Watery eyes
  • Spots on the eye or iris
  • Inability to follow objects after they've crossed 1 month
  • Not distracted by bright or moving light or objects

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It is best to get your child's eyes examined again after two years. To find out more, or to seek appointment with our child eye specialistin east/west Delhi contact us today! 

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