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See Better without Glasses

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But what if those very eyes become incompetent to appreciate the beauty around them?

Certainly you wouldn’t imagine the writer of this beautiful quote to see the world from behind horn rimmed glasses? Somehow it hampers the whole idea of evaluating beauty through your own eyes. This is where the option for laser eye surgery comes in. With the help of corrective eye surgery you can see better without glasses or contact lenses.

We will come to this topic later, first let us discuss some more about why getting your spectacles removed will prove to be a boon in disguise!

Under confident
It has been seen often that people wearing glasses experience low self esteem at some or other point of time in their life. In fact, certain people with weak eyes find it difficult to even talk or socialize amongst their peers due to their “spectacle wearing status”. (These are some extreme examples but nonetheless true)

Lack of opportunity
Certain careers like that of navy, army or even commercial pilots don’t prefer people who have a do not have a perfect 20/20 eye vision. One can solve the issue temporarily by wearing contact lenses. But even then problems like itching, uncomfortable lenses, expiry dates make it a very unreliable solution.

It is clear by now that there is so much to gain by getting your glasses removed. The quickest way to do so is by laser eye surgery, the solution which we were discussing earlier.

Laser eye surgery basically corrects refractive disorders including myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism etc. It uses the laser to reshape the cornea by changing the thickness of its tissue.

There are 3 different types of laser eye surgery available at present for removing glasses

LASIK- the most popular surgery of the lot, it makes use of advanced technology to carve out a thin layer of cornea thus creating a flap to direct laser towards the tissues underneath it. 

Result-visions get corrected instantly after the painless surgery.

EPIFLAP or LASEK- under this laser eye surgery, outer layer of the cells on the eye is removed partly to expose the cornea upon which laser is applied to reshape or flatten it meanwhile pushing back the outer cells.

Result- it takes few days longer than LASIK surgery to recover.

PRK- this is the oldest method of laser eye surgery. It is performed on an outpatient with the help of local anesthesia. Here laser is applied to remove microscopic amounts of tissue from outer surface to reshape cornea. 

Result- it takes couple of days to recover after this surgery which is quite painful.

All these methods of laser eye surgery are quite safe and cost effective provided it’s done by experienced professionals like those at Sharp Sight Centres in Delhi, India where you will find excellent surgeons and good medical treatment.

Get a life free of spectacles and contact lenses and reach new heights of success!

See the world better without glasses and appreciate its beauty in the true sense!

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