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Computer Vision Syndrome- What Causing You Strains and Headaches?

More often than not, you will find yourself suffering from an unexplained headache, dryness in eyes and fatigue. These symptoms however general might be, but together they form the basis of a much bigger problem known otherwise as Computer Vision Syndrome or CVS.

Manyatimes, people who work longer hours at computers like professionals, teenagers and sometimes even young children find their eyes over stressed causing strains and headaches at regular intervals. Most of the times, people dismiss these signs as lack of sleep or stress. But in reality, they indicate towards the modern day problem of computer vision syndrome.

With the advancement in technology come a string of benefits that have made life much easier for us.However, everything has its flip side and so does technology. With over work on computers, people have been coping with various health hazards not just with eyes but with spine as well.

If your computer at you work station is not positioned properly then naturally your eyes will bear the strain as well as your back. Sitting long hours in front of the computer makes us forget to blink our eyes. This blinking of eyes is what keeps the moisture in our eyes intact. with over exposure, our tear film on eyes breaks causing them to dry up sooner which leads to a burning and gritty sensation in the eye which results in red swollen eyes.

It is very important thus to protect our blinking mechanism and not allow our eye muscles to change drastically physically as well as physiologically while working on computers.

The distance between your eyes and computer causes the eye to strain more to focus upon the pixels of the image which are quite bright in the middle and fades towards the periphery. You can read a book much closer to your eyes for hours and it wouldn't harm it that much because of the simple black and white color scheme of the pages.

Distinguishing characteristics of computer vision syndrome
  • occasional blurring of vision
  • dryness
  • chronic eye strain
  • headaches
  • burning sensation in eyes
  • increased sensitivity to light\
  • neck and shoulder pain
  • back pain

Although computer vision syndrome cannot be termed as a disease nonetheless it is a matter of huge concern as it can affect the overall efficiency and work performance of a person.

Given here are certain tips to avoid CVS
  • Make your workstation comfortable with an adjustable seat as per your height.
  • Limit computer usage time for young children.
  • Keep tour computer screen a level lower than your eyes to cover them with eyelids partially.
  • Take breaks of 10-15 minutes at regular intervals by keeping your eyes closed.
  • Focus on a distant object for 10 minutes to relax your muscles.
  • Use anti glare specs or anti reflection computer screen.
  • Use proper computer spectacles to protect your eyes.

You can also try getting your spectacles removed with Sharp Sight Centre’s LASIK surgery at affordable cots in Delhi, India.

Use computers wisely and protect your eyes!

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